We manufacture and export to our clients with our fabricated materials, industrial fabricated materials, etc. Our Fabrication Materials include MS material for HT/LT lines & Distribution Transformer center is as follows:

  • Stay set
  • V-Cross
  • DTC Fabrication
  • Clamp
  • Cut point material etc.

We also undertake fabrication services for electrical tower. As a most preferred...

Specification For HT/LT Stay Sets


The specification given here under covers the manufacture, testing and supply of stay sets complete.

Weather Conditions

The materials used in the constructions of the stay sets shall be suitable for use under following weather conditions:

  • Temperature range from : 0 degree C to 50 degree C
  • Max. Relative Humidity: 100%
  • Altitude: 0 to 1000 meters.


The stay set described comprise of stay rod, stay plate(anchor plate), turn buckle, eye bolt, thimble, nuts etc.


All steel employed for the construction of the stay sets shall be manufactured by the, open hearth ,electric duplex or basic /oxygen process or combination of those processes with a high yield point and with high tensile strength which should not be less than 48 kg. per sq.mm for rods, and 48 kgf per sq. mm for channel should confirm to IS-1997/69 having U.T.S 42/54/kgf per sq.mm for channel should conform to IS:2062 amended upto date .


The threading shall be done on the eye bolts and stay rods for the lengths specified in threading. the thread per cm:

Dia Threads per cm.
16 mm 5
20 mm 4
24 mm 3.33


All nuts shall be mild steel of the qualities specified in IS:1367-1961. All nuts shall be machine made and hand tight on the threaded portion and shall not fix loose on them.


Holes in the channel and plate shall be drilled or machine punched. all burrs left by drill or punch shall be completely removed.


The welding work whenever mentioned in the drawings shall be carried out properly and the same shall not open under the tests specified below.


the materials are to be supplied as per details given in the drawing and the workmanship and finish shall be good .


The stay sets will be painted with red lead paint of good quality.


The supplier shall guarantee the stay sets for the following tensions in respect of (1) Turn Bucket (2) Stay rod – Anchor plate together both shoud pass the test.

Diameter of the stay rod For Buckle rod Ultimate strength in Kg.
16 mm 5215.25
20 mm 6802.50

Tolerance Schedule

Sr.No. Item Tolerance Fabrication tolerance
  As per IS Dimension/size 1852-73 for weight 5215.25
1 Stay plate 6 mm
thickness+12.5% -5%
----- 300 x 300 +/- 1%
2 Stay rod Upto 25 mm dia +/- 0.5 mm Upto 16 mm dia +/- 5% Above 16 mm Dia +/- 3% Length 2280mm +/- 0.5% 1830 mm +/- 0.5% Gundi 40mm inside dia +/- 3% Threading 75 mm +/- 1%
3 I) Turn buckle
II) channel
Upto 25 mm dia +/- 0.5 mm
Upto 25 mm dia +/- 0.5 mm
rod 16 mm dia +/- 5% Above 16 mm Dia +/- 3% Length 460 mm +/- 1% Length +1%
4 Eye bolt Upto 25 mm dia +/- 0.5 mm rod 16 mm dia +/- 5% Above 16 mm Dia +/- 3% Length 460 mm +/- 1% threading 305 mm +/- 1% gundi 40 mm inside dia with +/- 3%
5 Nuts 13/16 mm thick --- ---